My New Vineyard

Written by Fabrizio Battaglino on 25 March 2023

This you see in the video is the partial renovation of the Colla vineyard.

Its creation was something really exciting because this was my grandfather’s vineyard, which my father also cultivated.

A piece of history that I felt compelled to rewrite, but when I say rewrite I mean maintain.

Let me explain further. The old vines were no longer very productive, so I decided to replace some of them with new ones, which we made from the scions of the old vineyard. Simply put, we used the shoots from the pruning for the new vintage to create a clone of the old plant, so that we would have the same type of Nebbiolo.

Put like that, it doesn’t sound like anything special, but I find that keeping a tradition to pass on to those to come is something romantic.

I care about this vineyard lasting a long time, I want my children (now the fourth generation) to enjoy its fruits, just as I did.

I imagine my vines as the continuation of my hand, they are part of me, part of my character, and this close relationship is what distinguishes each small producer. It is the strength of all those who, like me, are passionate about their work every day.

On a Practical Level

The new vine is planted in spring, when the plant’s life cycle awakens.

In summer, the seedlings grow and begin to develop, but it takes three years to see the first fruits. From the fourth, production comes into full swing.

With these grapes I will produce Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC, what you know today as Paradì, my youngest, most everyday wine.

To obtain Roero DOCG we will have to wait at least fifteen years, when the vines will be mature and will bear fruit of great quality that will be transformed into wine with a complex character.

But fear not, I will continue to make my Roero DOCG Colla with grapes from my historic vineyards 🙂