Written by Fabrizio Battaglino on 10 March 2023

In winter, when the vine is in its resting phase, it needs to be pruned.

Pruning is a simple operation to keep the plant young and should be done before the buds are swollen, and therefore very delicate. Breaking them would mean not seeing them sprout.

Basically, it consists of cutting off excess vegetation (at the lowest possible point) leaving only two essential elements on the plant. The fruiting head, the shoot whose buds will produce the clusters, and the spur, a shorter shoot reduced to two buds, which is essential for selecting the next year’s fruiting head.

This activity always gives me extreme peace of mind.

Me, alone, together with nature, away from the noise, with birdsong in the background. I find it is really a way to be able to reflect on several things.

I like to call it a “philosophical moment” in which I feel that there is attunement between me and the plant, an intimate and visceral, almost sacred relationship that gives me great satisfaction.

Indeed, although there are many jobs in the vineyard during the rest of the year, this is the one I prefer.