Picnic & Trail in the Vineyards

A scenic walk to discover the Roero hills, among hilltops, historic vineyards and ancient trees

This short walk (about 20 minutes round trip) is a little “gift” I wanted to give to our hills. A way to share these beautiful landscapes with you too, and try to make you experience them a little bit more.

Here you can simply come for a walk, or have a picnic among the vines.

You will find colorful posts indicating different points of interest, and colorful “bunse” (the containers in which verdigris was once made) marking the way.

If you want you can stop by the winery to visit me before you come here, and retrieve your picnic bag with my wines and some local delicacies. But feel free to take a walk on your own.

The rules are like those in the mountains: don’t leave anything behind (take out the trash) and don’t pick up anything to take home 🙂

Step One: Parking

To start the route, you can park your car near Colla Vineyards.

The coordinates are 44.761231, 7.984238 (click to open in the navigator)

The Ciabot

From the parking lot, if you continue to the right, strictly on foot mind you, you will arrive at my ciabot (little house).

If you want to pick up your appetizer or picnic at the winery, this might be a good place to stop and savor some Arneis

The coordinates for the ciabot are 44.762833 7.982777 (click to open in navigator)

Near the ciabot is a centuries-old cypress tree: don’t miss a somewhat revered greeting to this wonder of nature.

The Scenic Spot

Proceeding further north, you will find a stunning viewpoint.

From here, on days when the sky is really clear (or sclint, as we say here), you can see the Superga hill in Turin, while on the opposite side your gaze can sweep as far as the Barolo hills.

When the eye is lost in such large spaces, it is perhaps time to move on from Arneis to something a little more meditative, such as a Roero DOCG Riserva.

Here we are among my oldest vineyards, those that my family has been cultivating for three generations.

The coordinates of the vantage point are N 44°45’52.59376” E7°58’52.65375” (click to open in the navigator)

Alternative Route: Bric Bastia

If instead you take the road to the left from the parking lot, you will arrive at Bric Bastia, one of my Arneis vineyards. 

From here passes the legendary Sentiero del Tasso (Badger Trail), one of the most characteristic Roerine walks.

The coordinates of Bric Bastia are 44°45’39.0″N 7°58’41.2″E (click to open in the navigator).

My Proposals

An aperitif or picnic to be enjoyed in my Colla and Bastia vineyards, near the colorful ‘bunse’.

Aperitif in the Vineyard (min. 2 people)

Breadsticks, salami, tuma, hazelnuts 

Roero Arneis Bastia / Nebula Nature Metodo Classico

Bag, placemat, Riedel ‘Battaglino’ glasses, corkscrew, cutlery, which you can keep as a souvenir 🙂

10% discount on purchases in our winery


  • 25€ / person with Roero Arneis
  • 30€ / person with Nebula Nature

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Picnic in the Vineyard (min. 2 people)

Bread, salami, Piedmontese antipasto, tuma, honey, cookies, hazelnuts

Roero Arneis Bastia wine / Barbera d’Alba Superiore Munbèl / Red wine

Bag, placemat, Riedel ‘Battaglino’ glasses, corkscrew, cutlery, which you can keep as a souvenir 🙂

10% discount on purchases in our wine cellar

Price 40€ / person – Book now

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